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Bad Cat
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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Just wanted to update the site. We did a vid of the EV Grin as Royce was driving down the road from home to pick up our daughter last week. It was great fun to see how happy having Bad Cat on the road at long last has made him. Unfortunately, he lost power and had it towed.. not once, but twice. Luckily we have the support of an excellent tow guy who helped us out. Royce is working out the kinks and should have it ready for daily driving very shortly.

Also unfortunately, for those of you who were looking forward to seeing Bad Cat at EVCcon, we will not be attending. It's no skin off our pretty red nose. We're here and he's there. A tip of the hat and The 'Cat bids adieu.

But, what part of EV on a ShoeString is unclear here? We're budget people. We're working class. We're blue collar. We're middle America. We've never made a secret of that. In fact, we blared it above. So yeah, we do our best with what we have (or find or make or buy or trade or bargain or barter). We're making no apologies for being thrifty. It makes us happy :).


The short of it: Is Bad Cat going to EVCcon? No.

The less-short of it: Hands washed of all that. Merrily we roll along!

Final synopsis: Feel free to stop in the shop, Locals! Keep an eye on the blog. We'll be taking the 'Cat to local shows and running it for speed at the track. We're open and Bad Cat's purring, happy in the next of it's nine or more lives, stretched out in the lot soaking up the sun during these beautiful Spring days!