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Bad Cat
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Assistant: Where'd you get that?

Mechanic: Ebay. Last Spring. $850, delivered.

Assistant: Ok. So, what is it?

Mechanic: (stoic)

Assistant: Just kidding.

Mechanic: (stoic)

Assistant: So. What is it?

Mechanic: Well, it's a close ratio 6 speed transmission out of a 2004 Corvette. Manufactured by Tremec, not GM. (Note: GM is General Motors. This mechanic does not like GM).

Assistant: (typing) How do you spell that....

Mechanic: T-r-e-m-e-c. Tremec. Transmission masters, they are.

Assistant: Ok Yoda. Anything else?

Mechanic: I chose this transmission  because there is no driveshaft between it and the rear differential. It allows me to mount this unit directly under the rear of the vehicle with the motor attached directly to it, keeping the center of gravity of the car low to the ground. With the weight of the transmission and the motor it allows me to balance them out with the weight of the battery pack which will run down the center of the vehicle. So basically it allows for good weight transfer between front and rear. Good handling capabilities.

Assistant: Is the battery bank as heavy?

Mechanic: It's a good balance between the battery bank and the drivetrain.

Assistant: Do you like that transmission?

Mechanic: I do. I like it a lot. That Tremec is rated to be able to handle, like, 606 foot pounds of *torque!

Assistant: Cool beans.

*torque   (tôrk)
1. The moment of a force; the measure of a force's tendency to produce torsion and rotation about an axis, equal to the vector product of the radius vector from the axis of rotation to the point of application of the force and the force vector.
2. A turning or twisting force.

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