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Bad Cat
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

More work on the body....

Well quite a bit done on the body today, no pics yet, those are soon to be posted. Still hoping to start doing fiber glass work in a few weeks. Also, I've been finishing up my controller design. With the help of some very nice folks over at the "ecomodder" site it should be quite the beast. I have a few of the components and am actually going to start machining the heat sink section next week. And yes it will be liquid cooled for anybody wondering.
It's very important to keep the controller as cool as possible. Heat breaks down the efficiency of the mosfets that are switching all that power on and off to the motor, the hotter they get the less power they can carry. Ask them to do to much while hot and poof, out comes the magic smoke. Then it's all over but the crying.

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