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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After Much Breakage Of The Balls...

Blogging Assistant Has Returned.

Here is something special to share during show and tell.

This, the photo following the blurb, is called a CNC (Computer Network Control or something like that. Google it and let us know) Mill.

The Handymen built it from a kit they found on Ebay which priced around $200. They purchased the drive motors separately also on Ebay; 6 for $20, and they built the computer and drivers themselves from parts laying around. ("They" are the original Handyman and also his brother, the other Handyman). (Very Handy to have two in one family).

Originally this mill was used to weld battery tabs on the 26650 A123 battery cells that they were selling to other DYI Handymen. And no, they are no longer using it for that or selling cells, sOOoo... don't ask.

The Mill is now being used for making copper busbars for the motor controller.

The disk in the machine in this photo is the adaptor plate that will bolt to the torque tube which will bolt to the transmission. The plate purchase was from Ebay, 1.5" x 14 3/4" 6061 aluminum. The cost of that was around $30. We'll chat more about the disk in a future post.

I just wanted to show you the dandy mill:

The photo below is the aluminum heatsink that Royce made with it. He is building his own motor controller which we've mentioned before but no pics, yet.

The heatsink will suck heat out of the electronic components that do the work for the motor controller. Basically, it was a solid chunk of aluminum and he just carved it. He bought the aluminum on Ebay for around $57 from an actual merchant. It wasn't a great deal, but was something he needed and found.

The thing below the heatsink is the copper busbar. The busbar carries the current to the motor from the batteries. There are 3 in total in different shapes, and we'll go into the reason why when we show you the motor controller.

The next photo is just a pic of the busbar at a closer angle. Up close and personal:

 And another pic of the heatsink with outdoor lighting:

Pretty :).

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