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Bad Cat
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

There's A New Kid In Town

After much deliberation The Handyman has decided to put The Orion on the backburner. Between the kids and the shop obligations, working only on Saturdays to build a car from the ground up was becoming a lofty goal.

While the Orion is still his number one, there is a new cat in town that Royce has his eye on these days...

This summer (2011) we opened our shop to our friend Bob, who has his own Electric project converting a TVR 280i. As Bob was getting closer and closer to finishing his car, R felt he was falling farther and farther from his own. There was no particular moment of clarity or change of mind, but one day Royce started scanning the ads for Rancheros because of a childhood attachment having to do with his dad. He came across an ad for a Cougar, and thought, "Man, that is a good-lookin' car. I forgot about those. And... (unlike the Ranchero), it has a backseat."

She's looking shabby, but she still purrs:

Oh! Here is the other motor-vation that had R in a tizzy to move on this. Hold onto your hats Aficionados, you know what this is:


  1. Nice start, a Zilla and a Cougar that looks pretty solid from this angle. Should keep you busy for a while :)

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