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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sprucing Up The ElectroJunk

We're enjoying calling BadCat "ElectroJunk" these days with a 'wink, wink' out to "He Who Shall Not Be Named ;)."

Royce actually received a super nice compliment this past weekend when the guy who sold him the Manzanita (!) Charger told him that the 'Cat was the most professional conversion he'd seen, so, well, there you go. Thank you.

There are a couple of updates we wanted to add to the blog...

One is that of the aforementioned Manzanita Charger that Royce received and installed last weekend. There is a video link at the end of the post that will show it.

And here are the new rims Royce bought on Ebay for $500, shipped. That sounds like a lot of moola, but for these particular rims, it was a very good price:

If you look closer at the center cap you'll see this:

Royce found these center caps on Ebay last fall and has been saving them. They were $12 for all four, shipped. He's enjoying adding these final touches to the car as the restoration is wrapping up.

In the quick vid we made you'll also see Royce's new tires that he bought today. They are a Bridgestone Ultra Hi-Performance All Season Radial.

Here's a link to the vid we made. (We make videos for us to document the car and we add them to the blog because there might be details in them other people enjoy. These are not meant to be professional, they're personal, but hope aspects are interesting anyway):

67 All Electric Mercury Cougar

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