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Monday, June 25, 2012

BadCat Series 4. Wiring Harness, Field Coils and Brushes, Oh My!

This is an update of a few things that have been cooking in the shop today. Royce wants to show you his new wiring harness (Found on Ebay via "Keep It Clean Wiring" ~ $148.95, shipped) and tell you about our GE motor upgrades (Helwig Brushes are $258, and the lathework and field winding is done by Royce. The field winding insulation was purchased years ago).


  1. Dear Mrs. Blogging Assistant,

    Adding text to the video did indeed make the article pop up in my Google Reader list of new articles. Thanks!

    BTW - we need to get Royce a Hollywood-style clapboard so he can yell "Action!" at the start of each recording session. :-)

  2. I'm glad that worked! You told me it would be the magic :).

    The strange thing is that I edited this vid to exclude my rather idiotic contributions and they are still on there.. Hm. So, in the edited version I'm not asking, "Did you buy that from a regular person?" or walking backwards into the AC machine, among other things! :D