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Bad Cat
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Speedy Update

I took Scruffy to the shop this morning... Scruffy is K&R's Janitor and general clean-up crew, and our youngest son, Steven; and so, while I was there I thought I would take a peek at the happenings in the paint booth where Bad Cat resides.

There have been a few minor cosmetic setbacks, but we have once again assessed our goals and one of them is not aesthetics at this point. We're going to find creative cover-up for the issues and call it a day. As Royce likes to say, "We're not body guys."

Anyway, our Visionary put the front grill and the taillight covers in place, just for fun. It was a little breathtaking I must admit.

That was a nice moment.

Film at 11.

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